Bringing artwork to life.

AI-generated anime-style images for all.

GAN-generated anime-style images.

StyleGAN2 256px trained on Danbooru2019.

Accidental promotional anime images.

Peculiarly-faced potentates of latent space.

Questionable dishes and unnatural textures.

Faces fading...

Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter.

Someone should make a horror-focused GAN.

A CIFAR-100 StyleGAN2.

Ellusive illusions...

A mashup of microscope images and faces.

There's 1000 modes in StackedMNIST StyleGAN2.

MNIST StyleGAN2, because someone had to.


a visage voyage.

A different kind of interpolation...

flesh digressions.

Cars as abstract generative artwork.

A mashup of fine art portraits and anime.

A mashup of fine art portraits and anime (less anime).


FlickrFaces without the faces (not FFHQ just HQ?).

StyleGAN surgery, a small incision...

Glitched-out convolutions in StyleGAN2.

Cross-model StyleGAN surgery.

Early experiments in StyleGAN surgery.

Cross-architecture weight transfer.